Hand curated lists of where to get just about anything for free.


They say the best things in life are free. They also say there’s no such thing as a free lunch. That’s either a contradiction or implies that lunch can’t be one of the best things in life. I say it’s an unfortunate contradiction, since lunch can be both free and wonderful.

What you’ll find on these pages are lists of websites where you can acquire stuff for free.

What kind of stuff? Any kind of stuff.

Need some free stock photos that you can use commercially, without attribution? We got it!

Need some free fonts? We got that too!

I know what you are thinking… “But can’t a Google search give you the same results?”

Yeah, sure, if you want to spend the time sifting through search results to find what you want. While Google’s algorithm can provide a good starting place, I don’t believe it’s very good at matching the specifics and understanding the various nuances required to compile lists similar to what you’ll find here.

For example, Google can give you a list of sites where you can find free stock photos. But Google isn’t going to check the Terms of Use or licensing info on each site to weed out all the ones where you can’t use their photos commercially, without attribution. Google will just show you everything it has, pretty much unfiltered, leaving you to have to visit every site, locate its licensing info, read it, interpret it, and weed out the low quality sites and ones that don’t provide what you need. That can take a lot of time, time you probably don’t have.

I figured I could save you the time and effort, by spending my time to do all the sifting and filtering for you, presenting you with hand curated lists of sites where you can find exactly what you want or need.

Got an idea for a list? Looking for something we don’t have listings for yet? Let us know. If your suggestion is a good one, I’ll spend the time to curate it.

Do you own or know of a site that should be on one of our existing lists? Leave a comment on the list’s page, and we’ll consider adding it.