Life Ep:1 – My Story and let’s cover this channel. . .

This video is basically who I’ve been, who I am, where I am, and the direction of this channel



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Speaking for the majority of your fans even though I may not have the right we love you and thank you for what you do taking the time to help people means a lot and speaking for myself personal more serious than I tend to be I understand being disabled more than I'd like to admit and seeing someone who is as strong as you are and the willingness to put yourself out there means a lot and I thank you personally enough with the sappy BS keep your head up you're doing a wonderful job I know I should be a lot more eloquent than this but this is the best I can do thanks man

Life catches up with us all and not always in a good way, hope you're well and your meds give you some relief buddy ūüôā

Some life story you have there Jar! Knowing you only from your reviews… I never tought that you was an angry guy once. You have change a lot, you are a new person. You have lots of patience to explain things. I dont give a shit about being with disabilities. I mean, I;m sory, but this does not count in my toughts about you. You are a normal person, more kind and willing to teach others than most of us. And thats is what it counts. Is like you said about racism.. dont matter the colour, it matters the blood. Cheers mate, love ya!

I'm a fairly new subscriber, maybe 4 months ago on your other channel. But this whole thing says a lot about you. It's very rare to hear some real shit like this from people. I'm happy you're doing what you do, and you are one of the few reviewers that I truly respect and would help out. Hopefully sometime when I'm down in the KC area we could shoot the shit for a while. Keep up the good work, I'm pulling for you to make it big brother.

Hey Jared, knowing who you are, where you came from, and the path in between, quoting your own words, this little time is a well spended money.

Jared you are such an inspiration to those of us who are part of the vape fam that suffer with different disability's it's such a great thing to see you day in and day out good or bad Jared I have much love and respect for you now and always

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