Life: Ep.6 – Respect

Truth of it from my perspective. Sorry if I got too political, but the reference was intended to prove not only the reality behind respect between parent and child, but government and citizen. It’s really all in the same in the end. . .



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I couldn't agree more!!
Not only as much of a joke as our government is. I mean even for the ones that fought for it and now look from the outside and see what we defended and a fucking joke indeed!
However, we as people don't even have the RESPECT to allow anyone to have different a different opinion from the other person right next to them…. Instead they get treated like dirt for being different. What happened to the times where people were allowed to believe something different and was still respected!?!?

Btw this is probably my favorite, "Life" episode thus far! I was raised with one thing to provide, and it was preached and preached!! Have respect!! But for the right people, of course!

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