Political Correctness: Does this REALLY need to be a thing? Let’s talk about this! LOL!

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To me it's them trying to blur the lines between what is right and wrong, by trying to change terms that we and our parents know and grew up with. If they can change the terminology it will help shift the lines or downright erase them. I hope I got my point across without writing a wall of text.

I get totally sick of having to be PC, I am not and probably never will be because I am an adult with a sense of humour, I don't try to offend people but I can do that by just being considerate. I hate having to try to remeber what they want me to say instead of just being honest

I think some of this list is not meant to be taken seriously. Since anybody can edit wikipedia, I think a prankster may have contributed a lot of those.

OMG i had to write some of these down to share these, you caused me to have a bladder dysfunction 😂😂😂😂😂

I would amicably admire my self as One does …As A Poorass fat lazy Druggie who is Life impaired ,It could be Worse you know" Well Stated Nice new nomenclature for a new generation of programmed Retards" Love your Work bro"

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