Rant'ish: First Warning on YouTube! LOL! Here we go baby!

#YouAreNotTheOnlyPlatform #TheAgendasAreReal

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hello goat youtube want vape channels off youtube but they wanna save face and force vape channels to leave rather than just ban you all

Oh and by the way.. doesn't matter if you hide the videos.. Tommy V got hit for a video that was private.. just sayin..

Hello, Jared, I heard yesterday that FaceBook and Twitter are going to ax all vape related information and communities and now as far as twitter how are we supposed to pester the fuck out of the crooked politicians with true vape information and what we won't do if they screw us vapers also I think you are entertaining as fuck and as far as the 1s that are not entertained fuck them and I do thank you for giving me more knowledge it has been very helpful since I started vaping on July 2, 2019, and I am still going strong and I still don't believe it considering I smoked for 34 years.

Everything this man says is true. Bro, you’re an inspiration. One of the few truly genuine vape reviewers. Don’t stop and don’t change. I’ll be watching your channel wherever it is.

Just so you know if your goat account is connected to the same email it will get deleted also if you get 3 strikes. You probably know that but if not then make sure to use a different e mail.

And….. yesterday at the market guess what I witnessed with my own eyeballs? A 9 year old purchasing a back pack full of 300+mg caffeine energy drinks. I went to the cold storage fridge to go look at them to find out what they said on them…. "Not recommended for children" yet, this 4th grader could purchase a six pack + of them without issue. I guess giving a child heart attack is ok these days.

Depending on how you do the math, 1422 hours divided out to 8 hours per day would be 177.75 days spent on development of your channel. As a member of the vaping goat, I thoroughly enjoy the work that you put in. Fuck YouTube and their bullshit.

Almost every vape reviewer got a warning or a strike – for nothing. It's always the same. They say that the videos show dangerous content, that their guidelines have been violated, bla, bla, bla. And no explanation whatsoever, no details, nothing. It's just YT-nonsense, BS from the beginning to the end.

Trying to find out what you've done wrong is wasting your time. You won't find anything. It happened to Fagan, Vic and many, many more. It's not because of vaping in front of the camera (they couldn't care less) or the mentioning of nicotine (they don't give a shit).
They won't prove a fucking thing (as you put it) because the can't.

You know that the YouTube strikes or warnings don't come from a real person; it's nothing but an algorithm running on a computer. An algorithm that was written by an unknown programmer who followed the guidelines given by YouTube. And YouTube wants to get rid of vaping (and, as you've said in the video, a few other subject areas). Period.

Three strikes and you're gone. Publicly they will wash their hands in innocence. It's you who did that, not them. You violated their guidelines. You didn't obey to their rules and you ignored their warnings. That's why they had no choice but to ban you. You forced them to do so!!!

It's sad. Thinking about the countless hours of work you and the others have put into creating the content and building up the channels. It's treacherous. It's outrageous. It's a hypocritical move. We've seen this kind of maliciousness over and over again in recent times; it's the typical immoral behaviour that all the anti-vaping interest groups show.

Cheers and have a good one.

Thank you for what you do vaping has done more for me thin just quit smoking I was addicted to heroin and cocaine suboxone got me off heroin but kept useing coke I was a mess I have been clean for years know I have new friends that care about me I was able to take care of my grandma before she died so she did not have to go to a home I don't think that would have happened with out vaping I go to na meetings and many other people say the same drug use for me was very richawillistic vaping saved me

Lol I've never heard such fucking language going the fuck on at fucking 2am for fucks sake unfortunately nicotine is probably what they'll get us for lol justfuckinkiddin

this is getting to be too much b.s. from ytube. subbed to you those other sites. hugs to you and your family. later my friend.

Adult vape reviewers getting strikes, but I’ve reported the hide ya Juul videos with kids in them and nothing

My channel got a strike like 2 months ago but I'm still posting reviews and they haven't done it again. YouTube def don't like us.

I I hope your other channel goat isn’t on the same email as this channel if it is they will get both of them if it’s on the same email

Opinions are like arseholes and everyone has one, and my opinion is YouTube can lick mine 🖕 keep fighting the good fight brother ✌

Anyone that can see this, as of today (3-19-2020) I have only 1 day left with Strike 2 and I'll be posting a VLOG explaining everything that's transpired with the channel in the last 2 weeks!

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