It Is What It Is Ep.94.5 – Just what the hell man? Here we go. . .

#TheHypocrisyOfYouTube #ItIsWhatItIs

Yes, this is a bit out of order but here’s what’s been going on folks!! Oh what a hypocritical mess of a week this has been FOR SURE! LOL!

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I just watched Jai Haze and Vic (live show) discussing the termination of the Vaping With Vic channel.

It's over, Jared. Vapers are no longer tolerated on YouTube. What's the alternative? Vape Tube still doesn't work properly and even if it would… I don't know if that would be a solution.

I've given up on trying to comprehend what's going on in the US. To me it is madness. I can't decide whether public health authorities and state officials are simply retarded ideologists, as deaf, blind and stupid as one can be or malicious, money- and power-addicted capitalists who are ready to sacrifice for it everything and would sentence millions of smokers and vapers to death, literally walking over our corpses just to achieve power and satisfy their greed (would they really stop at nothing just for money?). I don't know, Jared.

The truth about vaping is so obvious. Over 10 years and zero health issues. Everyone's health has improved with vaping. An abundance of studies confirm that vaping has the potential to save millions of lives. We have evidence that worldwide millions of smokers were able to quit, data proving that a youth "epidemic" doesn't exist (nowhere, not even in the US), evidence that vaping is no gateway to smoking, that teens don't care about flavors, that flavors other than tobacco are essential for adults to quit smoking, that nicotine is rather harmless, comparable to caffeine and the CDC even admitted that the lung injuries had nothing to do with regular vaping. It's all on the table for everyone to grab. Not knowing what vaping is all about is an excuse that's no longer acceptable. What's going on in America? What happens right now is incomprehensible and also that they can legally do that. They shut down an entire industry, nationwide, and no one can stop them? No law, no court, no vaper or advocate, not even the president of the United States? How can this be?


I think what you mean is that Youtube have been illegitimately going after vape channels.
Sadly, Google has effectively been subsidised by the UK government with sweetheart tax breaks, which should be rescinded in full (their legality is dubious at best anyway) and the entire tax bill demanded by close of business this week for the harm they are causing and the cost to Public Health England in reversing their suppression of facts.
All funding for the WHO should also be suspended until their policies are changed to reflect the science.
Bloomburg should be sued for the lies he spreads and has sufficient assets in the UK that even if he just hides offshore, they can be seized in payment of any court decision. I had hoped that Bloomburg would waste more money before dropping out, but I''ll take his failure as a success.
Glantz should be prosecuted (and can be extradited through the UK/US bilateral extradition treaty) for the harm he has caused.
Time to start the fightback.

yeah, if they pull you because of "language" then AvE and Element Maker are soooooo hosed as well 🙂

(not that that'd happen, they're probably considered to be "too big" for the rules for the lesser channels to apply)

i was subbed to vic since i quit smoking in 2012, a buddy of mine told me to check out some channels and i saw one of his old videos and i laughed my ass off,he is hilarious! youtube has gone freakin insane with the power trippin corporate clowns they have there,like vic said,think of the children! im sorry vaping is for adults who want to switch to vaping and now all the work he put into is gone now,off a cliff! total bullshit,we had a ban get passed as of april 20th 2020 flavored e liquids are banned here in nj and the only flavors that will be available are tobacco,menthol and mint,well i stocked up on a shit ton of juices and when they run out? unflavored e juice,they didnt say unflavored..

it should technically be freedom of speech. youtube is a public space, not a private asset, and was created through taxpayer funding, not corporate sponsorship.

Anyone that can see this, as of today (3-19-2020) I have only 1 day left with Strike 2 and I'll be posting a VLOG explaining everything that's transpired with the channel in the last 2 weeks!

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