Warframe Part 6: My PC issues have tissues and all by myself!

So yes, this episode has some mic issues cutting out, but I can promise you that aside from one but, I FINALLY got it sorted out thanks to TKAT! If you like the look of this game, I definitely recommend it. It’s a free to play download from Steam!

Check out TKAT @: Be sure to check out TKAT’s Corner @ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrLFyezW_c0gIbpbieb2Ehw



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Cotton candy bubble gun is the guns new name. (The.one on your back)
But as for game play, your getting better. =) from when you started to now youve improved.quite.a bit =)

But it definatly.runs alot smoother and audio can get fixed (the mic) which is a simple fix more enlikely.
Sallad is still trying to figure out why his computer is using too much and shuts down on him while streaming. But anywho cant wait to play again with you =) now that monster and I are able to stream at the same time its even better. =)

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