It Is What It Is Ep.101 – Let's get political and some new toys

#StayHome #BeSafe #StayWell

If you get bored and wanna watch me make a total ass of myself, here’s a good start! LOL!
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the border wall wasn't a state of emergency, Covid19 really is.
weirdly no-one's using that phrase now.

Man I love you but damn! I can't agree with you about this corona crap. I believe if they wanted to protect people they would have take appropriate steps. You quarantine the sick and the those at high risk. Our society is slowly grinding to a halt because most workers are not working. The factories and farms and everything between is needed to keep our running.

This is not something that will go away. It is here to stay and we will be dealing with it the future. If you look into the corona stimulus you will see lots of nasty things. One being companies trading stock for aid but they have a "no buy back" clause. Also lots of tax breaks for the rich. Lots of money is being diverted to special interests.

I closed our family business per local restrictions. I can't get any government aid due to their restrictions. The lady I lease my shop is demanding rent and threatening legal breach of contract. I can no longer do as government wants. My business can not survive if I don't open my doors. If my business goes I will have lawsuits to fight.

Also something you might not know about the Pharaoh. You could purchase different decks. The velocity deck completely changes the tank and makes top air flow usable.

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