D Day! Brothers In Arms Hells Highway Part 1

And so the D-Day story of Baker and his platoon begins!



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I wonder what bright spark thought they had round bales in the days before they had equipment big enough to even move them? They were still using reapers and binders in those days – they didn't have the spare industrial capacity to even make machinery capable of compressing hay or straw into the old, hand manageable square variety!
Most European farms still used horses for much of the work – macinery production was all diverted into military production.
Still, I guess it doesn't affect the gameplay that much.

Goat's, If you've seen them before, skipping the cut scenes is a good idea; thanks. Forfeiting the early training in this chapter is ok if you want but your missing some helpful info. and colorful graphics. Grenade training is useful. Remember, your tactical map is available. If you want to top-off with six grenades the cache is at the west side of the front yard 19:32; also shown on the tac map. Once you step off the back porch you can't get back to it. There is a Recon Point at the top of the windmill and check the upstairs bathroom for the second Kilroy. The mg42 has unlimited ammo for the counter-attack in the backyard 21:17 and the boys will take a safe default position without your command. Have fun with the rest of the chapter, keep up the commentary and thanks for posting Hell's Highway. T.

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