VLOG: Sticks and stone may break my bones, but words might piss me off

The truth of it is simple in the end. Sometimes you’re words speaks volumes over your actions. In normal cases, actions speak louder than words, but that’s typically in a more positive light. Your words speak way louder than actions when it comes to your treatment of others. Just sayin. . .

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I hear ya goat,I have to walk using a cane because I was severely dehydrated and ended up in the ICU at the local hospital and was diagnosed w anemia along with type 2 diabetes and having 2 blood clots in a 2 year time period,I had to change my eating habits and yeah I ate ice cream sometimes when the sweet tooth came calling but very little I ate junk food and now that I have diabetes I have to eat right and cut out my favorite candy,black licorice,the real shit not that twizzlers garbage lol! I recently was in the hospital for isolating and my friends bf told her he gives me a week til I die and it was a wake up call that people actually cared and that opened my eyes wide and yeah I have shit days and good ones but you are 100 % right,words DO hurt,I have friends that bust my balls all the time and I give it right back to em,good topic, bring back the vaping videos man!

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