Man, Gabriel is a dick! LOL! | Rainbow Six Vegas II | Part 24 (END)

Check out the end and please comment your suggestions on what you’d like to see next! So this has been Rainbow Six: Vegas II and what a fun game it is. Old, yes. . .bud descent story and the gameplay for being 12yrs old is still very fun (if not a little laggy but that’s just to the times). Again, I play to have fun, not to go all “pro-gamer” with it and just blast through it in an hour. I’d rather have an enjoyable experience. . .even if that means I get killed and look like a jackass all the time! LOL! Catch y’all in the next series!!


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Enquiring minds want to know – how do you decommission an NCO? By definition, he doesn't hold a commission.
"Retired with extreme prejudice" is the term used, I believe.
I could have fun with that once my damned PC is stood up.

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