VLOG: 1-6-2021 Just what the hell man!! (correction in the description)

(CORRECTION: Lincoln didn’t appear on the ballot in 10 southern states. I have no idea why the hell I said 18! LMFAO!)

And y’all thought that 2020 was bad. Well, here comes a drunk 2021 already driving on the sidewalk! SMFH!

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We have elephants and donkeys as our political parties. Which political party is the goat? The vaping party? The Independent party? Or the partyer? Just curious. I hope 2021 is better than 2020 except for today.

I can get how those people were so angry given what they believe, how they haven't noticed who it is they're believing is the real mystery for me.

The biggest issue with our country is there is no accountability for what is done. Government, media, and online (social media) everyone does whatever they want without any consequences for their actions.

Big changes are needed in every aspect. I don't think violence is they way to go. The citizens need wake up and see what is happening. We are being brainwashed into being compliant sheep so others can control us.

Hopefully soon everyone sees what is real and we make changes to better our country. If not then I see more violence in our future.

Those who fail to know history are doomed to repeat it. The USA can easily become another government that fails and ends in war. It can also learn from it's mistakes and be a great country again.

Where we go from only depends on how we react to the current situation. We can be next communist Germany that destroys the world or pull together to become a great nation once again.

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