Steam Crave Aromamizer Titan v2 rdta!

#SteamCrave #TitanV2 #41mmTank

So, a BIG shout out (every pun intended) to Steam Crave for sending me this device for the purpose of this review! So. . .anyone who pays attention to Steam Crave has been hearing the rumors about the Titan v2 potentially being produced, but when the Ragnar hit there were a lot of people that assumed that was it. Well, here’s Steam Crave to prove us wrong and I love that they did! LOL! So after 7 builds, about 14 wicking tests, and all sorts of different wattages. . .how well does the Titan v2 stand up to the original Titan? Let’s find out!



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If u ever wanna get rid of any of ur titans lmk I'd happily take it off ur hands I miss my titan I had a black one on a lime green rx3 it was so beautiful

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