1 year anniversary Warframe Special with the OG crew!

So today marks the first complete year for this channel and I have to admit that I really didn’t think I would be doing it this long and keep my sanity! LOL! Thankfully, my sanity is usually always in question as it is, so we’re all good and still rolling! WHAT A YEAR FOLKS! This has been such a fun experiment! I’ve met so many new and wonderful people, had the clan/friends to help me so much to kickstart all this, and it’s really given me what I’ve needed more than anything. . .a chance to step away from the world and have fun with SOMETHING! I have to mention a few folks aside from just the original crew here who joined me for this special! Drenka, Olivesz, WonderousWill, 4am, Astromayu, SALTY, Truluck, Wisedragon, SlickRick(my boy Jay), and of course. . .even though already mentioned. . . The SallaD, TKAT, and Monster! All of you have made this old goat one very happy guy! Thanks so much and I hope you enjoy the insanity with me!


Olivesz_ :


Astromayu :


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