Call of the Temestarii Quest! Not what I was expecting. | Warframe | Part 164

So, myself and a few others have been VERY excited for this quest and new warframe to finally drop. There’s been lot’s of chatter about all of it slowly working the path towards the completion of The New War quest. Personally, I find this to be MASSIVELY disappointing, although I understand from the developmental standpoint why it’s been done this way. From their stance, it makes more sense to force people to farm the hell out of a new game option to farm the frame, but still. I’ve said it since I started pushing to complete quests that if I do the quest, I’d personally prefer the payoff of the frame in its entirety at the end. . .not have to farm the damn thing out in an entirely new type of gameplay that’s a complete mess to minimally put it. Believe me. . we farmed for a few hours with frustrations to try and get the components after this was shot. I can say that I got VERY LUCKY in the end, but others thus far have not. The public group I ended up running with were VERY high MR and were blasting through the missions like crackheads. LMFAO! I’ll say this; the reason for my disappointment is because there’s so little too the quest. Aside from what Tempestarii actually is, who the new enemy is, and the existence of a new frame there’s just not a lot of substance to the quest compared to others. I was expecting more follow through with the story more like The Deadlock Protocol, but maybe that’s still to come. Now to fight this new Void Storm game mechanic and not get myself killed, like I have been so far, in the process. LOL!


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