Glaz Vapor Blue Razz!

So yeah. . . as per their track record, this is just. . . .well, you’ll see in the review! Big, BIG shout out to Glaz Vapor for sending me this product for the purpose of this review! I appreciate it as always and I greatly appreciate each and every one of you that take your time to check out this video! It truly means a lot to me!



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You are the cutest pasty tomato I’ve ever seen 😂 good to see you again my friend

Hello my friend good to see you again. I'll give that juice a try. Amazing 3 weeks of use and no gunk build up? What sweetener did they use, Truvia or Sweet and low. lol!

Hey Glad You're Back!!!!!!!!!!Am a Blue Razz and Blue Slushie fan so gotta give this a try. Now to find a Menthol that doesn't taste like cough medicine……

hello jared, it‘s been a fucking long time since you show up … but cool you are back alive … greetings from 🇨🇭

Great to see you back at it brotha, hopefully we see more of you! I really miss your reviews and Vlogs.

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