A change in this channel, and it’s up to YOU folks!

As the title says, please just gimme 2 1/2 minutes of your day and let me know your thoughts please.



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If this is what I commented about with your Facebook post you know I'm definitely game…. even though I'm a phins fan lol

Well obviously my comment won't matter cause you already did it SOO I'm gunna say don't do football at all.. Do whatever the Fuck you want to do its your channel (s) and I'm not your mom (jury is still out on if I'm your dad) But yea you do you Boo Boo you know I support you either way …

oh and brush your teef and take out the trash GodDamnit

Football sounds fine! Just remember you May have to talk about the New England Patriots. Or you could start (this is where the humor comes in) a farm animal channel then you could talk about goats? Now back to seriousness. I think football would be great. In the past anybody who has posted a football channel, has always been biased towards their own team. So it is thumbs up for football.

Goat goat goat goat goat goat!!

Sure we can talk about professional sports. They are all rigged and profits go to the IRA!! ūü•≥

I quite enjoy seeing a game of American football, but we rarely get to watch them on TV this side of the pond, and I don't really get any of the talking or writing about it, just because I'm a simple soul who pays very little attention to who the players are, never mind any of the stats some people seem to be obsessed with. So hearing that a particular team have signed someone, canned someone, traded, or disciplined just goes over my head – it's just fun to watch, and that's it.
Just like a "Top shelf" magazine from the days before the internet, it's there for the visuals – who read the text anyway?
It would not put me off the channel if it was included among other content, but would if the whole channel were devoted to it, and that is true for me of any sport.

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