Folks, the time has come and it’s just time. . .

I can’t say more than I’ve honestly said in this video. I don’t wanna be overly emotional about it, but I’ll just let you view it and respond if you wish. Definitely check out The Devil Vaper, please. He’s an absolutely solid and amazing reviewer who truly deserves your time because he’s in it to be as helpful as he possibly can!! Here’s a link to his channel. I hope, if you haven’t seen him, you’ll give him a shot and check him out. It’ll be worth it!!

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Always sad to see one of the good channels hang up the hat. When it has to be done it has to be done, but still going to miss it.

Well you gotta do what you gotta do Jared , l will
be sad to see you stop but you have to do what makes you happy and l completely agree with your sentiments regarding vaping reviewers and the drama etc , l thinned out my subscriber list due to all that , you and a small handful of others like dean and bogan l have kept for your realism and honesty in the reviews , you stood above the rest and l haven’t disliked any video l have watched of you , l have even liked this one , why ? Because you have to be you and if your heart isn’t in a thing no matter what it is in life , then you need to stop doing it , life is too short not to be happy . I hope you do keep the channel videos up but that has to be your choice Jared . We are not Jared the vaping goat mate , you are and always will be , videos or not . I have learnt a lot about devices etc from these videos so rather than you thanking us , WE should be thanking you , it takes a great deal of time and effort to create these videos , all l have to do is sit and watch , I think l have had the better bargain in all of that , so l thank you Jared , as you say time is money and you have spent so many hours creating content and l thank you for doing that . Now get out of here and enjoy the things that make you happy buddy . I will stay subbed for as long as your channel stays up . Catch you on the gaming channel ❤️👍👍

Thank you Jared have enjoyed your reviews even if I was never gonna buy it have learnt a lot from you but you do whats best for you and stop reviewing with your head held high for being a great vape reviewer and a top bloke wishing you and the family all the best ❤

Hi Jared, hope you are well. I always enjoyed watching your videos, but I fully understand your decision. What happened in the last 2 years affected us all. We feel drained and defeated, frustrated, depressed and outraged. There are many good people in the vaping community, but you're right, we also saw friends turning against friends and hatred replacing friendship.

It has become obvious that the FDA and the whole anti-THR hypocrites won't stop spitting poison until the entire industry is completely destroyed. I highly doubt that one manufacturer or vape shop will be allowed to survive in Canada, the US and likely the EU. People have finally understood this and everyone is in panic mode. In Canada, US, EU, Australia… Almost everywhere. And I'm sure that it will get even worse before it (hopefully) gets better.

I wish you all the best. Cheers

I have always thoroughly enjoyed watching your videos, Jared, and have missed seeing you lately. However I do understand your decision, and agree with what you’ve said about the state of the industry right now. I’m glad to see you doing what’s good for YOU. Regardless, I always have, and always will consider you as a friend. Don’t be a stranger, and feel free to hit me up if you need anything. Best of luck for the future Brother. MLAR, Rajan.

Jared you are hands down my favorite reviewer and build master. Learning from you improved my life and brought me joy, even today; my quality of life is better for your channel. Never doubt that you single handedly improved a lot of lives despite YouTube; you just had too much influence against the machine. Happiness and good fortune to you and yours. WE ARE THE VAPING GOAT!

If your heart isn't in it n it's not fun like a "hobby" is supposed to be then comes the crossroads of what to do as far as continuing to do the same thing driving further down insanity lane eventually it's time to stop the car or turn it around n always take care of u n the family first sorry to see you go I'm going to miss the videos but you have to do what's best for you and your family anyone who thinks otherwise is an idiot Thanks for everything you've done for the community and for Vaping as a Whole hope to see you in chats Jared 👊🏽 take care n have a good one

Thanks for all your hard work and I would like to wish you and your loved ones all the best, like many have said going to miss you, but i get what you're saying. 👋🏻🙏

What are you gaming on ps, Xbox, or comp?? I too changed our direction because of some of the same reasons but actually just redirected the channel

it was a good fun watch while it lasted… kinda sad about the decision but not for a second should you do anything but the stuff you feel good about. hugs and kisses from sunny london

iam saying this as a buddy jared ,do what makes you happy i shall always think of you as a bud your a straight up guy

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