Steam Crave Mini Robot Combo MTL Kit!

Folks, this one is a solid option for you dedicated MTL or casual MTL vapers out there. It’s not perfect, but what product truly is in the end? So, here’s my take on the combo kit and I’ll have an upcoming VLOG shortly about my initial info dropped at the beginning of the video. Again, if you want a more in depth view of the build and wick, definitely check out Deano @ for a solid view of how to build and wick it. He’s one of the best out there and definitely deserves a view for this one for sure!



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Sad to see you are giving up on reviewing, but I get why.
I have to say that I've found Steam Crave products to be top quality, although not all of them are my style. But that in itself is a good thing, as it shows they cater for a wide variety of vaping styles. I only vape in TC, so the stainless coils would be welcome but the simplistic controls on the mod less so – but it is pretty irrelevant as I go for a restrictive direct lung, and even wide open this would almost certainly be too tight for me. it also means I have the Hadron Pro (4s LiPo – 400w) rather than the Titan and may get the Hadron Plus (2×21700 – 200w) as well. and I'm well into the Aromamizer line, and the ability to switch up decks means I run them single coil. I must try the mesh deck (with stainless strips for TC, of course) and Ragnar, too.
I don't know if they keep track of who is buying their products, but they sent me a Steam Crave hat, free. And when Expos are back, I'll wear it, too.
I just wish there was a DNA 250c LiPo or 4×18650 mod in their range that supported the Titan without overhang. 4×21700 might just be overkill, but I guess if a job is worth doing, it is worth overdoing!

Dear Jared, First of all, thank you for your dedication towards the vape community over the years,
I always enjoyed looking at your Steam Crave reviews, so thank you very much for this last Steam Crave review.
I respect and understand your decision, you will be missed.
Take care Jared ️☠️👊
Greets from Belgium

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