Legendary 1 Mastery Test and running the Steel Path with Monster! | Warframe | Part 233

So, this is the Legendary 1 test. I do want to say that the Shell Shock 60/60 mod is from hive cache’s, Baro Ki’teer sales, and possibly event rewards. So not just as easy as stated in the video. Just wanted to be VERY clear about that. So yes, there’s plenty of ways for players to approach a test like this, but this is seriously a super cheater way to do this. With access to the gearwheel, dropping a specter can be a HUGE help. The clear understanding is that you have to have is that the opponents are higher level, they hit A LOT harder, their status effects hit hard, and you need to understand that your weapon needs to hit hard as hell or be multipurpose to rip down shields & cause heavy damage afterwards. There’s TON’s of weapon choices here, so it comes down to personal comfort. If you’re at this point, just practice it before blindly thinking you’ve got it, cause the enemies damage towards your warframe and the clock are honestly the harder issues to account for in comparison to just using a primary to kill enemies.


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