Warframe Special: Angels of Zariman BUGFRAME hotfix MESSES that keep going!

My god this is SOOOO annoying that they’re doing the community like this! Such is the life of Warframe though I suppose.

Check out the links below for other fellow gamers I know!

Johman1317: My older son’s Twitch channel

SlickRick347: My younger son’s channel:

Olivesz_ :

Spike’s Gaming:


Astromayu :



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Seems that they have left no fuster unclucked and are clacking every dangle.
It may be ready for alpha testing by update 40 and beta by 50, release-ready by update 60. Or just roll it back to a version which worked. All they seem to be able to do is make it more complex.
When I first watched you playing Warframe, I really wanted to join in, but the longer it goes as I get my frickin' hardware built and the more I watch you and others playing it (or attempting to), the less I am inclined to commit to it. If they can't even keep those heavily invested in the game happy, I see no prospect of it being anything better than impenetrable to a new user.
DE need to 'fess up and fix it, if it is going to survive. Maybe it should. Is the console certification intended to expose it to those who have not yet become aware of the mess?
Bottle of jack? More like a case!

Although this update has been a rough one, it's not been the worst case scenario. It's really more a compound mess of annoying shit that has led to quite a bit of community frustrations. That being said though, it's still very much worth playing honestly. The movement mechanics, the story, the wife variety of stuff to truly customize the game to your style of play is still VERY good. Even if annoying at times. . . it's surprising to see me say that it's still very good. There's just quirks to deal with till they do the next fix. ūü§£ūü§£ūü§£

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