An arbitrary arbitration with Joe and Monster! | Warframe | Part 319

Just running for some goodies with the fellas!

My Twitch channel for when I occasionally go live:

Check out the links below for other fellow gamers I know!

Johman1317: My older son’s Twitch channel

SlickRick347: My younger son’s channel:

Olivesz_ :

Spike’s Gaming:


Astromayu :


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An Arbitrary alliterative arbitration with Joe and Monster, huh, or is it an alliterative arbitrary arbitration?
Getting fed up with y'all crowing about your cheap fuel – I just did the £/$ conversion and we are at $2.44/L or multiplied by 3.7854 to get it in UnderSized gallons = $9.22 per US gall. or £9.10 for a full imperial gallon. And you don't even get as much for your money at this temperature, as it bloody expands.

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