Some real talk about these “Quality of Life” updates and criticisms!

Yo man, if this is the way they want to handle their business, I hope they’re prepared for a MASS EXIDUS of players. . .most especially since they specifically asked for constructive criticism about the update. SMFH!

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If D.E's only answer to complaints about the game is nerfs, then this game will be dead in a few years. They're taking alot of the fun out the game because of their stupidity and complaints from toxic pussy players. Yes its a game I get that, but the fact a company is stripping down their product to where it's not fun anymore that's where I have an issue. I mean by the void nerfing aoe because of complaints over something like how bright the envoys explosion is. Nerfing wasn't the answer they could have just simply dimmed down the flash and/or limit the color choices for the energy. I'll say it again, NERFING STUFF IN A GAME ALL BECAUSE OF TOXIC WHINING BITCHES IS A WAY OF LOSING PLAYERS AND RUINING A PRODUCT AND CREDIBILITY IN THE MARKETPLACE YOU INHABIT. Mic drop enough said peace out.

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