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The GOP Plan (Part 1)

The truth about federal funding of K-12 public schools is that they only contribute 10% of each school’s funding. The rest is covered by state & local funding. If that federal funding was cut off, then either states would have to pick it up (and increase state taxes to cover it), or local communities would have to pick it up (and raise local property taxes), or both. Either way, most are going to get hit with higher taxes, somewhere, and possibly multiple places.

And as soon as there are relaxed or abolished rules concerning Common Core (which, as you should already know, is planned), which was created to guarantee that a kid that graduates from high school in one community, in any state in the country, would receive the same minimum level of education as a kid in any other community in any other state, so that they both start college at a college level, states like Texas, which have been dumbing down their inner city populations for decades with very lax requirements to graduate high school (till Common Core rules said they can’t) will be free to go about their usual business of dumbing down their disadvantaged kids again, so that any kid graduating from an urban high school in a state that chooses to relax graduation requirements (in the name of saving money), will result in urban kids of poorer districts never having what it takes to get into college, twofold.

They won’t be able to afford it, and they wouldn’t be accepted even if they could. And this is all due to the local inner city property taxes not being able to be raised any higher than they already are. Those districts won’t be able to pick up the slack from the lost federal funding.

And guess who goes to these schools? And guess what career opportunities will be open to them, without a college education? And barely literate? And guess how many of them have parents that already can’t survive on minimum wage, which Trump would also like to see abolished so they can be paid even less?

None of this will affect the level of education at schools in more affluent areas, which are attended by a predominantly white population, where residents can afford to pay higher property taxes. Their kids will be educated just as well as they ever have been, because they can afford to pick up the slack.

In a nutshell, this is a policy that contributes to more systemic racism and disadvantages to minorities.

It rewards the next generation of white Republican kids with more affluent parents and punishes minority Democrat children, who will then be funneled into the criminal slavery system’s for-profit prisons, and have their voting rights stripped away., to ensure that they can never vote to do anything to change things for the better.

Because the way all of this is designed (complete with GOP cuts to social programs like welfare, Section 8 housing grants, and food stamps), you won’t be able to survive if you are a member of a minority, unless you steal or sell drugs.

And with defunding of Planned Parenthood and cuts to Medicaid, and the GOP attitudes towards funding birth control, it will make it impossible for minority women to have access to affordable birth control or abortion, causing the minority birth rate to skyrocket, ensuring there will be plenty more of them to fill our for-profit prisons.

That’s what this is all about. It’s about bringing back slavery. And this is how the US will bring back manufacturing jobs that can compete with the low wages paid in the sweatshops of third world countries.

We will have a huge population of dumbed down minority prisoners (aka slaves) working assembly line manufacturing jobs in for-profit prisons, for pennies per day, who can’t vote or get a job when released, guaranteeing they stay stuck in the revolving door of the slavery system for the rest of their lives, generation after generation, ad infinitum.

That’s the plan.

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