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Put Down That Vape!

Don’t listen to these health experts from the UK, who are campaigning to save people’s lives and make dying from smoking related diseases a thing of the past. Their sound science and desire to prevent the deaths of millions of smokers, won’t solve your state’s current money problems.

The State of New Jersey, as well Michigan, New York, California, and many other states, would like it very much if all former smokers that vape, would quit vaping right now, and go back to smoking traditional combustible cigarettes again, so that they can get a bigger check from the tobacco companies, under the Master Settlement Agreement. The amount they get is dependent upon the number of cigarette packs sold, in each state that is a party to the agreement.

The states need this money to pay their bills, and all you quitters are making those tobacco checks become smaller and smaller, each year.

Yes, the states are supposed to spend that money on the medical costs of smoking related diseases, health programs to help smokers quit, and education programs to prevent kids from ever starting, but most states feel they have better things to spend it on, and contribute most of the money they get from the settlement, to paying for other things in their annual budgets.

Basically, they use the money for whatever they want.

But if you don’t hurry up and start smoking cigarettes again, right now, your governor might end up dragged into court next year, when your state defaults on its bailout loans, having to explain what they did with the money and why they can’t make their required loan payments. It wasn’t just banks that got bailed out back in 2008. Individual states that were facing bankruptcy, due to the recession, also received bailout loans from the banks. And their first payments are due in 2020.

If you start smoking again, right now, they might get a big enough check next year, to make their loan payments, avoid being sued by the banks, avoid being dragged into court, and avoid having their state’s corruption revealed.

The states do not care if vaping is 95% safer than smoking cigarettes. They don’t care that nicotine is as harmless as the caffeine found in coffee, tea, soda, etc. They don’t care if the cigarettes will kill you. They only care about getting their hands on that tobacco money, to cover their asses.

And they are willing to lie to you to make sure they get that money, willing to hold your children up as their reason for wanting you to smoke again, willing to blame illnesses from illegal black market THC cartridges, that have nothing to do with vaping legally obtained, commercially manufactured nicotine based e-liquids, and they are willing to blame the flavors that played a major role in helping you quit.

The states do not get any Master Settlement Agreement money for your vaping. They only get it from your smoking of traditional, combustible, cigarettes, manufactured by Big Tobacco. For every pack of cigarettes you buy, they get cash, in addition to the cash they get from the heavy taxes they put on every pack.

If everyone quit smoking today, they would get nothing. If everyone smokes, the states will be rolling in cash.

So, to Hell with your health, to Hell with wanting to be there for your children, to Hell with all of your reasons for quitting and/or vaping. None of that is as important as the money your state needs, money they will only get if you start smoking again, right now.

Please help your state government continue to hide their corruption, by killing yourself with cigarettes. Help them make their loan payment that’s due in 2020.

Call your governor today, and let them know that they can count on your support, that you are willing to sacrifice your health and your life to solve your state’s money woes, and let them know that you will immediately go back to smoking cigarettes, so that they can have a bigger Master Settlement Agreement check, in 2020.

Your state is counting on you, so light up!

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