Oh, Shut the Hell Up!

There is an entire elitist class of people out there that think they know how to live your life, better than you do. They are quick to point out all your bad habits and all the things they think you are doing wrong.

To them, there is only one way to live life…their way, and they believe their way is one size fits all.

They are the ones that want everything they don’t like or agree with, banned.

  • Ban the cigarettes,
  • Ban the vapes,
  • Ban the artificial sweeteners,
  • Ban the artificial colors,
  • Ban the artificial flavors,
  • Ban the booze,
  • Ban the energy drinks,
  • Ban the bubble gum,
  • Ban the preservatives,
  • Ban the bacon,
  • Ban the cheeseburgers,
  • Ban the salt shakers,
  • Ban the sugar packets,
  • Ban the hot sauce,
  • Ban the loud music,
  • Ban the crazy colored hair,
  • Ban the black nail polish and lipstick,
  • Ban the tattoos,
  • Ban the motorcycles,
  • Ban the bikinis,
  • Ban the tight jeans,
  • Ban the shorty shorts,
  • Ban the crop tops,
  • Ban the spaghetti straps,
  • Ban the religions they don’t believe in,
  • Ban the languages they don’t speak,
  • Ban the books they don’t read,
  • Ban the movies they don’t watch,
  • Ban the holidays they don’t celebrate,
  • Ban the games they don’t play,
  • Ban the birthday parties,
  • Ban the napkins AND the paper towels,
  • Ban the pre-school their kids don’t need,
  • Ban the social safety net they don’t use.
  • Ban the foreigners,
  • Ban the gay sex AND the gay marriage,
  • Ban the unisex bathrooms,
  • Ban the birth control,
  • Ban the abortions,
  • Ban the children,
  • Ban the minimum wage,
  • Ban the pet dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles,
  • Ban the house plants,
  • Ban the basketball courts,
  • Ban the solar panels,
  • Ban the satellite dishes,
  • Ban the space exploration,
  • Ban the glitter,
  • Ban the Christmas lights,
  • Ban the leather shoes, purses, belts, and jackets,
  • Ban the baby bottles,
  • Ban the spray paint,
  • Ban the sidewalk chalk,
  • Ban the magic markers,
  • Ban the crayons,
  • Ban the fishing rods,
  • Ban the camping tents,
  • Ban the guns,
  • Ban the SUVs,
  • Ban the bicycles,
  • etc.
  • etc.
  • etc.

Best thing you can do is ignore them and make sure you do what it takes to cancel their votes, when necessary. Otherwise you might wake up one day and find yourself living in a world governed by their narrow minded views, forced to live your life their way, void of all the things that make life easier, more convenient, pleasurable, happier, interesting and/or fun.

And if you are one of those elitist people I am speaking of, just stop. PLEASE, just stop!

Shut the hell up! Stop wagging your finger! Stop imposing your narrow minded views on others!

Live your life your way and let other people live their life, theirs.

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