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Marketing Too Clever for Idiots

This image was actually released by one of Geekvapes social media outlets in China, when their new product, the Aegis legend, first came out. Some people are calling it a terrible choice of marketing that is clearly targeted at children, in an effort to encourage youth vaping.

But the real problem with this marketing is that it’s too clever for the average American anti-vaping idiot. They see a toy and their knee jerk reaction is to think of today’s children and accuse a company of trying to sell a lifetime of addiction to their children.

But this is clearly targeted at adults. Millennials, to be more specific.

Not only does it say so, right there in plain English, but also features a toy that the vast majority of the people that grew up playing with it, are now around the age of 30+. Clearly not children, any more.

And in that age group, among the ones that are former smokers that currently vape, the reaction was predictably positive…they want it.

And that’s because they had fun with that toy as children, and seeing this ad makes them think nostalgically, and relate that feeling to how much fun they could have using this new product, now.

See? Too clever for anti-vape idiots.

  • No, it doesn’t come with a toy.
  • No, it doesn’t turn into a robot.
  • No, it can not be legally purchased by or sold to anyone under the age of 21, in the US.
  • No, the ad was not shown to the US market.
  • No, it was not targeted at American children.
  • No, it was not targeted at children, at all.

It appeared in Chinese social media, targeted at a Chinese adult audience. In fact, if it were targeted at an American audience, they would likely be slapped for trademark infringement, for using the Transformers name and likeness, and it would cost them dearly. But the rules are different in China. And the company is probably not doing anything wrong, under Chinese rules.

We can’t expect other countries to live by our rules. They live by their own rules, just like we live by ours.

At what point do you think the rest of the world will throw up their hands and say to the US, “Hey, stop trying to make us responsible for your idiots! They are YOUR problem, not ours!”

Because as a nation, our idiots are our problem, and one that is getting worse every day. I feel like it won’t be long before our country is regarded as the adult day care center of the world, if it isn’t already.

If your kids grow up, screwed up, it’s probably your fault, and not the fault of a government that wouldn’t do your job for you. Please do your job and stop trying to make it harder for other adults to make better choices. Choices such as quitting smoking.

Vaping is clearly better than smoking. The science is there to back it up. But if the vaping products disappear from the market, or become too difficult for adult smokers to obtain, then 8 million more people will die from smoking related illnesses, over the next 10 years.

Companies that produce vaping products don’t need to market to your children. There’s already a huge US and global market of 1 billion smoking and vaping adults to sell their products to, because our parents failed to get the message across to us that smoking is addictive and will kill you, and that there isn’t a smoker out there that doesn’t wish that they never smoked that first cigarette. They failed to teach many of us how to think, or how to make good decisions.

Don’t make the same mistakes our parents made. Do your job, yourself. Teach your kids how to THINK and make good decisions, and everything else will fall into place, and you won’t need to get all bent out of shape over an ad that appeared on a website, in China, for a product that’s already illegal for your kids to buy, where they live.

A good place to start might be teaching your kids about what can happen if they break laws.

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