Oppenheimer (1980)

Oppenheimer (1980)
Genre: Drama, History, True Story, War
Year: 1980
MPAA Rated: not rated
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Seven part mini-series on the scientist Robert Oppenheimer, highlighting the years from 1938 to 1953 and his work developing the Atomic bomb.

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Part One:  1938: Robert Oppenheimer’s life is changed by the discovery of nuclear fission and the appearance of Kitty Harrison.

Part Two:  1942: America is at war. Oppenheimer is engaged in the race to produce an atomic bomb.

Part Three:  1943: Oppenheimer is director of Los Alamos, but his past Communist associations alert the FBI.

Part Four:  Summer 1944: Oppenheimer has problems with his staff and the development of the bomb.

Part Five:  May 1945: The European war is over but the war with Japan continues. Oppenheimer discusses the use of the almost completed atomic bomb with the secretary of War. His colleagues have misgivings.

Part Six:  1949: The Oppenheimer family becomes a target of the HUAC hearings.

Part Seven:  December 1953 – Oppenheimer falls foul of the Communist witch hunt.

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